Wishfaery ~ for those who Believe.

WishFaery is for children of all ages. Included here are fairy tales and fables, postcards and fun! Soon to be added are Faery art and sculpted Faery creatures. Fairy, Faery, Fita, Fairies or Faeries - no matter how you spell them, WishFaery wants to help you learn about them!

We came to create this site after a few late-night conversations regarding the nature of reality, the wisdom still to be found in the world (should one choose to search for it), and the realization that we have seen and heard things for which there is no explanation. Curiously, one of us began to sculpt wee folk just as another of us was photographing local sculptures of nature spirits, and as we talked more and we thought more we came to understand some very basic things:

In the spirit of these realizations is born: WishFaery. We hope you enjoy your stay.